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October 25, 2010



Love your card and the quick and simple layout.

We say "outside, go potty" to Hunter. It has always worked for him. :) Good luck and congrats again, he is really cute.

Lisa M.

Cards? I just want to see puppy pictures!! LOL! Just kidding! When I was housetraining Amigo, I got a small cow bell from PetSmart and hung it on the back door, then taught him to ring it with his paw every time I took him out...now he rings the bell when he wants to go out!

Also, it's good to have a command.."Go Potty" so I can get him to go before we go to the groomer/vet/etc. Crate training is great! We say "Time for bed" and Amigo goes into his crate. Just don't make a big deal about squirrels..our biggest mistake...he's obsessed..not fun when he sees them on a walk and goes berserk!

Congratulations again! Have fun! :)


LOVE CAS cards and this one is great. You're right about the color combo...simply striking.

House training...just patience and time. He'll catch on!

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