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September 29, 2009


Tenia Nelson

Very cute!!!


How cute is he? Yes, he is great for 6!!

Hope you feel a ton better soon. Without being sick, I am finding it hard to keep up this fall. Heaven knows what it is going to be like come Nov when the Holiday stuff starts...

Gina Lindsay

Your son did a cute job with this Ian. I LOVE the hat he added, that is just too cute. I have never seen those kisses, I will have to look for them for my hubby, he love pumpkin anything.

Dell Richards



WOW...those pumpkin spice kisses sound awesome. Will have to try to find them around here. Hope you are soon feeling better. No fun to be down. Conor did a great job!

Michelle in Boise

Awww how cute that your son has the create bug too. But I have to tell you - I HATE THE PUMPKIN SPICE HERSHEY KISSES!! Gah!! I buy them all the time now because I know I won't go near them and just use them for the rewards for the kiddies or projects that I am working on. Hope you get up to par soon and get to enjoy your new goodies.


Hope you feel better soon. And why are you enabling us all with your chocolate find? You know what I'm going to have to look for next time I'm in Target.

Grace Nywening

Sorry you aren't feeling well! Hope it passes quickly now that you have meds! Cute post and isn't Conner the clever one!!!

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