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August 13, 2009


Tenia Nelson

Lovin' the tags!!!


You have a surprise waiting for you on my blog.

Rebecca J.

These look awesome! I love the placement of the bling on the Bella one especially. Now I want to try and make some of these little card/tags.

And I hope your daughter's birthday was wonderful. The years really do fly, don't they!


Yep Michelle, just think of these are mini cards, just hanging like a tag.
We have got Meg and Conor going to places other than the traditional restuarant. Usually, they choose between Thai and Indian although lately they've been clamoring for Japanese food too.


These are awesome! Such a cute idea! I will have to remember this! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me some love! :)


Very pretty, these are beautiful! Love Bella!!

Michelle in Boise

Oh aren't these cute! And what, they just open up to write in? That's a great idea - - can't say I've seen anyone make these. Need to try that sometime.
Enjoy your little girl's birthday - 8 years old and likes Thai? Well-cultured little lady she is!


You come up with the best idea's. These turned out so cute.

Happy Birthday, Meghan.

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