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August 19, 2009



I used Miracle Tape (bought from Viva Las Vegas stamps)to adhere the sides of the pocket. If I was only using one or two, I could have also used my red line tape. Either way, I went with a 1/4" tape.

baby bows

That's a cute and simple card. I would like to try to make something like that. Did you use a simple glue for it?

Rebecca J.

60 is a ton!!! But they look awesome. I hope she loves them. Rose Red really is the perfect shade for so many things. I don't think you can go wrong there!

=o) kel

so adorable!! i love that it's not the traditional/typical baby pink!!

lovies, =o) kel


You need to do how many? Wow, I think I made ten of one lately . . . that's about my limit! And I like the rose with the chocolate chip, nice combo!


This is just adorable! What a cute idea for sharing the new baby picture. I may have tuck it away for future use...
I like mass producing sometimes although 20 is about my limit


Very cute...love those feet!

Michelle in Boise

60 of these? SIXTY? Holy hat. You are getting paid for this, aren't you? Dang.... Well, sixty of these and not having months to do them, mass-producing is the way to go for sure ;)


What a sweet pocket card!! They will be absolutely perfect when you attach your pictures!!

Tenia Nelson

Very cute card!!

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