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July 27, 2009


Kathi Crouse

These are so pretty! They make great decorative items in a kitchen! Congrats on becoming a SU! demo! I've been a hobby demo for a year now and love it!

Tenia Nelson

These are awesome!!! tfs!!

Rebecca J.

Wow, these look fantastic! I've been very intrigued by some of the Kitchen Sink stamps, but so far I've resisted the urge. This is a great project you've made using them.


Wow Laura! Congrats on your new adventure! That is very exciting!!

So, at first I thought these were block note cubes! They are so cute! Love the images as well. I will not allow you to enable me further!! LOL You are the worst of the bunch...always creating adorable things with companies I have not looked at!!


I love these.. they are gorgeous.

Michelle in Boise

Good luck with the SU! gig - - so what do you do with these blocks? Just like little kitchen decoration or something? They are really cute...very colorful...did you spray some sort of overlay on after...? Very interesting little project.


these are stunning - what great gifts!! good luck with signing on with SU :)


So excited you are joining su!! I have been a hobby demo for a year and am so so excited with the new catalog and the new mini!!! I think they are right on track with the versatility they are showing!! Your blocks came out great!

Diane Noble

Oh, my goodness! How beautiful! Those look like fine painted china! You did a fabulous job on these. What beautiful little pretties to set around. Love them.

Julie Masse

Oh Laura thanks so much for the sweet comments!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the project! now you've got me super curious about the holiday mini - there are blocks???? Oooohhh interesting!! :) Can't wait to see! Good luck on your new business!

Susan (peebsmama)

These images are so stunning I couldn't believe they were stamps. Lovely home decor accents.

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