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July 31, 2009



Cute card. I love the colors!

Rebecca J.

Your story gave me a good laugh! Oh, the things we don't know when we're kids. I think every mom knows far more than she's ever given credit for. This layout is so great for highlighting that cute bella image. And thanks for the heads up on the free shipping!


What a cute card.

Isn't it funny how a little action like licking the edges of an ice cream cone can bring back so many memories.

If there is every anything you need from Bella's just let me know - the real-live Bella store is not far from me. (Down the street from where I get my car serviced).

Gina Lindsay

That made me laugh! I can so clearly hear my grandmother saying the same thing about licking the sides! Cute card, I really like the way you paper pieced the dress.

I wasn't so good with the free shipping! I had to order a birthday present and just a few other things for myself too!


You always do such beautiful coloring!

Michelle in Boise

LOL - - I think we all do the licking thing....I don't remember my mom doing that, but I know I do it to my kids. Is this brown, pink and orange? That's a fab color combo.


Oh Laura... how cute! Love this image and I smiled at your story... I remember my mom doing the same thing... thanks for the memories!

Lisa Phillippi

Super Cute! It has been so hot here in San Antonio Ice Cream sounds soooo good!

Tenia Nelson

Super cute card!!


Such a sweet card! I love how the colors look together!


Great card, love the paper piecing. I bought a large soft icecream the other day and the girl looked at me and said "do you want this in a cup?" I said no on a cone, she say's "it is so hot it will melt" I say I have had years of experience of not letting ice cream melt, I am a fast licker :) and of coarse, not one drop fell on my hands.


hee hee! I used to get angry about the same ice cream incident! I don't have kids, so I haven't thought about that for awhile :)

love the paper piecing on her dress!


Oh, I love this Laura! She is just adorable!

I was not so good during the sale. I not only spent my winnings, but matched them! It was as if I doubled down! LOL Naughty me...but I did not buy paper!

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