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June 07, 2009



Really cute. I love these Greeting Farms. You sent me a couple and I am going to post some of my cards soon. I love them so much. I know have bought a few too. Great card.


Your dentist rocks! Are you going to make him a thank you card?!

This little guy is awesome! That paper you picked is just perfect!


Glad to hear your pearly whites are just fine Laura!

Erika Taylor

sweet image and the colors are perfect


This dude is too cute, love how you did the water.


Your littler surfer is too cute!


How lucky you were with your dentist! I had an abcess two years ago, and it was excruiating!!

The cuttlebug strip does remind me of pool tiles, too! Cute card :)

Michelle in Boise

I love that Colorbok DP.... And I have heard stories of dentists doing that - hope that happens for me someday if I'm in that situation!


Wow! That is a great dentist, one time that happened to me and my use to be dentist told me I had to wait till Monday afternoon!

Love your adorable card, great image and coloring!

Diane Noble

What a cute card. The waves are great...absolutely great.


What a great Dentist you have! And so glad you didn't have an abcess!!!

Your card is adorable and I actually thought the water was dp before you told me!!! I think you're being too hard on yourself! It's great!


Thank goodness for a great dentist. Glad your mouth is feeling better. I like this little guy you colored, and I agree that that paper looks like you're at a pool. I actually think the waves look great, but I'll be interested to see how you change them, too!


Nothing worse than a sore tooth/gum. Glad your dentist was able to get you feeling better.

I love this surfing dude guy - and yes - even the waves he is on. Too cool!

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