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June 28, 2009



I'm nearly speechless - WOW!


These are the best Laura!! I am sure they were very appreciated!


What lovely gift baskets!


These are beautiful. I love the purple basket. What a great gift!


Wow! What a fabulous collection of gifts for teachers! I like each one and how different they are - you did an amazing job and I'm sure each recipient was thrilled!

Michelle in Boise

I can't believe y'all just got out of school! The purple/gray thing turned out fab!! - - those colors worried me...but what a great outcome. Love the lil' magical Mickey set too!

Gina Lindsay

These all look great, I love the yellow daisy notebook.


That is a very special gift, lucky teacher! Cannot believe school went so late for you guys!


wonderful teacher gifts


What a wonderful way to honor the teachers. I'm sure they'll tuck the stationary away and think of your kiddos when they pull them out to use next year. Great idea with the Disney gift card!


These all turned out fabulous. You really were busy! I like seeing the teacher theme in a non-traditional color palette. Enjoy your first week of summer!

Tenia Nelson

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous.
I wish I was your children's teacher!!!


These are wonderful, love the basket with all the purple.

Michelle Walpole

Lovely sets Laura. What a huge lot of work for the teachers.


Wow - these are all so beautiful. I am sure all the teachers will appreciate the detail and thought that went into each basket. They must love you :)

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