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May 14, 2009



These thank you cards are great!


Great set of thank yous! And I know what you mean, when you want it to be personal, but no too time-consuming for how long it's going to be kept. That Verve flower is so pretty! And I agree with your theory on Adam getting in since Kris and Danny are so similar. I like Kris and Danny, so my hope is for Kris to win; should be fun to watch!


oh how cute

Tenia Nelson

Cute card!!

Molly Ritterbeck

Sorry to be so MIA - I hate computers!

This turned out beautiful - love that you did a set with it as well!

Erika Taylor

I love the harlequin background. Super sweet.


Great find! I would so do that too :)


These are just perfect! Love the colors and the additions you made to the note cards!


Target Dollar Spot? What is that?! :) These are so cute and perfect for the occasion!

I know I am in the minority, but I LOVE Kris! I know he won't win, but I am still looking forward to his album!

Grace Nywening

Great idea! I've done things like this too... why not! It makes a pretty card!

Lisa M.

Those note cards are super cute, Laura! Great idea, using the Target cards...lucky you found such a cute print!

Agree on AI...they are all so talented. I just love Adam's uniqueness and his genuine enjoyment of performing. It was surprising that Kris stayed instead of Danny.

Glad you're getting a little stamping in...even if it's task oriented stamping! LOL!


Well these are bright and beautiful :), you always do the simple and they come out so great.

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