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April 05, 2009



This is adorable! I love the way you color the image's hair! Looks great!


I absolutely love these colors - they make you smile! PLus Anya is cute too!

Tenia Nelson

Super cute!!! tfs!!

Tracy Durcan

She is totally adorable!!! :)


Great card....your coloring is wonderful!


This are adorable, and you color so well.


How cute are these! Love the image and the colors...what fun cards


Really cute cards. I especially like the first one.

Michelle in Boise

Love Anya - and that first card is so clean....very fresh.


Super cute cards. Love Anya!

Susan (peebsmama)

This is super cute! I really like the one with the stripes. And the image fits so well in that nesties label 3.

Lisa Phillippi

Ready- OK! she is so cute! reminds me of my H.S. days when I was a cheerleader.


Cute, love the stripes on the top one. I really like the piece you used the paint on, it looks great.


She looks very peppy, which is how a cheerleader should look! Very nice colors.


I like the idea to use some acrylic paint to give a little color and texture to a background paper. I'll be trying that sometime soon, hopefully!

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