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April 25, 2009


Tenia Nelson

Cute card!!

Michelle Walpole

Pink and brown ...always a sure fired winner!


The pink and brown are just lovely, and the flower is a pretty touch.


I love that saying! I think I need to use it! Quack, quack!

This is adorable! I, too, love pink and brown together. The flower is a perfect addition.

Hope you have had fun with your company!!


Love pink and brown color combinations, love Bellas, love the card!


I have a child who plays lacrosse too! At least it isn't quite as physical with the girls as with the boys. And I was expecting a duck card . . . now I guess I'll have to go make one myself. Great color coordination on this, even if it isn't a webbed footed bird. :)

Michelle in Boise

Sounds like you've got a busy, but fun weekend goin' on! Love your coloring on this one and how you really have the matchy-matchy thing down throughout.

Gina Lindsay

Very cute card, love that big flower and the pretty paper. Hope everything calms down for you soon!


This is so cute, love this image and the colors and coloring!

Lisa Phillippi

I know EXACTLY how you feel...Quack!!! Cute card- she looks "fabulous" lounging with he coffee- with it were me!!!

Dell Richards

What a darling Bella card! Fantastic job on pulling this together. I totally understand the getting your sanity thing too.

Diane Noble

Oh, I just love this card. I almost bought that Bella not long ago, and passed up the opportunity. Now I regret it. Sure I can rectify that! You've done a fabulous job on layout and coloring. Love the color combo too. Hope life settles down soon.


I love love love the brad that looks like a pearl! So cool. Great colors on this card. Nice and girly!

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