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March 04, 2009



WOW! These not only look great... but the sheer volume! Impressive!


These are lovely! And thanks for posting your marker storage - I am off to check that out!


WOW - you have been busy. these look fantastic! 60?!@ that's is one big shower.


These are so beautiful!!

I know how you feel. I did my first big project a couple of weeks ago. I had 70 cards to make for someone. Oh my. I don't know if I can do that on a regular basis! I think I get bored after 10! :)

Gina Lindsay

Can't wait to see your marker storage.

Wow, that's a lot of invites! They are beautiful.


These turned out very nice. I am sure your friend was pleased. Great job and getting them all done. I know it is difficult to make several of the same cards or projects.

Karen Zielinski

Wow you have been busy, it's always nice when the projects are done and they turn out so well...I'm sure the Bride to be will be very pleased.


Wow!!! This was a BIG project and I love it!!! Great colors... great job!


Fabulous invite! I really like the color & ss you used...tfs!!!

Diane Noble

These are really beautiful. Will have to think of a party so I can send some out! Love them.

Lisa Phillippi

Wow-I am Impressed! That was a big project! You deserve another massage! Great Job!


OMGoodness! You have been super busy! They are gorgeous! Do you still like this stamp??!!!

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