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March 12, 2009



Oh my gosh, these are so cute! They turned out perfect!


Holy cow! Or should that be sheep? Those are adorable, cannot imagine how long it must have taken you. Very creative!

Joanne Travis

Wow, you made the whole flock!! What a cute idea :)


Wow! I don't even want to think about the time that went in to this project. They turned out perfectly!


These are so cute!

Diane Noble

How sweet! Love those little lambies! I know the children will love them to pieces (well, hopefully not literally to pieces!).


These are awesome! You really spent a lot of time making these. I am sure they will be appreciated.


These are fabulous! Ewe are so talented!

Gina Lindsay

Okay, I now have smirking lambs in my mind! That made me laugh out loud. Your little lambs are adorable.


These are great. I am always impressed at the creative people that put punched things together. Great job. I think this would be cute on an Easter card as well.

Lisa M.

Love the herd! You're one dedicated mom, for sure!

Have a good weekend!


Holy Moly Laura, wow..those are really cute and looks like alot of work.


The kids will love them, and they can draw their own faces if they want to!!

Baa-eautiful job!


Bahhhh, Bahhhh - these are stinkin cute. Great job on coming up with the design. TYFS


Holy herd is right :), it is hard ?? let me restate that, I have never made a duplicate card, this is awesome.


Holy herd!!! I love the lambs, Laura. I'm impressed with your dedication - I have the hardest time making large volumes of duplicates. These look flawless. I'm sure the kids will adore them :)

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