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March 06, 2009



REALLY Great, but did you remove the backing of the magpie's or did you leave it the way they came?

luv, karin

Joanne Travis

I love how organized you are!! What a fabulous collection you have going on here!


wow! i bet it's nice to have everything in it's place!


Laura, you are an angel! I have been trying to find the perfect storage system for my markers and this is exactly what I was looking for and didn't know it!

Karen Sullivan

Great organization skills. Don't all those markers look lovely? Finally taking the plunge and trying some of the Copics.

Shannon Bracken

OMG....I'm jealous!!!! What a great storage solution. I may have to get myself some of those.

Susie Walker

WOW -- Thanks for the great idea!! Perfect with the free shipping going on right now at Overstock! Now I need to decide - black or white???


This is awesome! I would smile every time I saw it too!


That is amazing. I am not orderly. People would never use that word in the same sentence with me unless they were laughing hysterically, rolling on the floor. I think that marker system is fabulous! (My copics live in a large plastic bag, all jumbled together!


I bow to thee.. Queen of orgnization. I love the idea of the colour chart for your markers. This is also handy for when you have the "need" to buy more. You will know at a glance as to what you have and what you need.


I'm soooooo jealous!!!! I wish overstock would give us Hawaiian the same shipping cost. :( Love your storage. Looking at all those yummy Copics just makes me smile. :)


Love your system, it looks great. I have a Copic color chart but not one for my Prismas. One day i will take the time to make one, is yours a single page?I love lists too!!


Ohhh, what a great idea! I may have to check out overstock.com and get one. I've been getting the Copic Ciao markers and really need a good organization system for them. Thanks for posting and giving me an idea!


How organized you are :). I like to stay organized, after every card, every thing must be cleaned up and ready for the next :). I love these holders for the markers, I just ordered 3 copics today to see if I would like them. You should up load the sheet for the primsa markers :).

Lisa M.

Awesome! Great organization and so pretty too! DP is done, markers done, ribbon done...what's next?!

Have a good weekend!

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