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March 08, 2009



We watch the top 20 countdown here on Sat nights! The kids love it, especially when songs come on with "naughty" lyrics! (Like Gives you He**) Oh, the excitement!

Great cards! I love the reworked one with the ribbon! Out of disaster comes beauty!

Joanne Travis

Love the two different takes on this cute image!

Susan (peebsmama)

This is such a cute image. I like how you colored her in. I also like how you used black to make the colors pop. How interesting that your mistake in cutting led to another cute card. When I make my Christmas cards, I do assembly line style too.


These are both just fabulous! I love that little girl - she's so cute! And both of the layouts really work in showcasing her well. What a fantastic example of using the same image (even with the same coloring) and yet getting two different cards!) Awesome!


Very cute cards! I love the layouts.


Oh, these turned out great. Very cute. Love the colors you used.


I always enjoy seeing how many ways I can use a particular stamp, the different styles and looks you can get using the same one. I really enjoy this entry, its such a cute stamp and its nice to see your creativity two ways. Great cards.


Nice cards...I know all about getting sucked in by VH1 count downs, lol. They are fun aren't they...especially the 80s ones.


I like seeing the two different looks for the same image. Very cute.


Awe.. someone else that makes booboos. But mistakes are "new opportunities". Both cards turned out great - considering it is the same image - they are totally different.


This is just to darling, frames within frames :).

Felicia E.

This is such an adorable card Laura.

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