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March 02, 2009


Kristina Byers

Very cute. Thanks for the info on baby oil. I am brand new to stamping and looking for all the information I can get.


Yep - I color in the entire area, some areas lighter, some a little darkers and then I go back and smooth out the colors.
The oil does NOT leave a residue but I suspect that may be because of the way I fill the entire area with color and then smooth over. Not sure if there would be an oil stain if I left parts bare and tried to pull the color in.


Very cute Laura, so you color your whole image first, then come back with the baby oil?

Gina Lindsay

I just got this stamp set as a gift from a friend. Love your coloring. I have never used baby oil to blend with. it doen't leave a residue on your paper?


Really cute. I love these Greeting Farms cards. Wonderful colors.


Thanks for sharing the tutorial. This card is really sweet.



Miss Anya looks adorable! I have these stamps too and they are just so much fun to color!

Felicia E.

This is an adorable card. I love how you showed us how to color her using baby oil. Thank you so much!


This card is super cute! Great job on the tutorial. I may have to try the technique. I've never tried blending with baby oil before. Very interesting...


She is so cute....luv the coloring SISTAH!



Your coloring is fantastic! I have a challenge on my blog to win some Greeting Farm. I just thought I'd mention that since you have this cute Anya card on your blog.


Snow?? What is this snow of which you speak?? us Florida people know not...
Great job with the tutorial - I've never tried the baby oil thing before but you make it look super easy (which I am sure it's not IRL!)


This is so precious! I love the colors you chose! That argyle bg is just perfect for it, too!


What a great technique, Laura. I have to borrow some baby oil the next time I'm at my mom's b/c I definitely want to give this a try!


This is so adorable, I love these images, I do not own any, but love seeing what you ladies do with them.

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