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January 23, 2009



Love your paper storage! I wish I had room to set up something like that!


Wowza, looks like we'll be pen pals well into our golden years! Too funny about having a lot of pink! Maybe you just use all your purples? LOL TFS!


Great job on the organization...

Shannon Bracken

Lookin' good!!!! I need to figure out something for my DP. It's all hidden away in the closet so I never use it.


Ok, how great is Leslie?!? Kudos Leslie, kudos.


It may have been a lot of work but are your ready to get to work or what!Love it!


Your room looks great. I also love your snowman card below. Very cute!


Wow. That's what I call organised! I think you have to do this every now and again otherwise you just forget what you have!

Vicki Hook

OMG you look like a scrapbook store with all the paper/cardstock - you go girl! Love your system!


Very beautiful. I wish my stash can be that organized.


I love being able to be a "nib-nose" and being able to look at others spaces!! TFS!!


Great organizing! Well done. Your cardstock looks like a shop display :)


I LOVE organization...and I think all paper crafters have a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) when it comes to organizing our papers...You have done a great job here...wanna come help me with mine?


Good job on your organization. I also have the Target wire racks and made them up like you did (but not so high). Unfortunately, it's not working well for me because my paper is still an awful mess.


Wow! I'm green with envy. I thought I was a paper hoarder! I'm am saving this to show SO. Next time I hear "don't you have enough paper?!" I'll bring this up. Thank you!! :)


TFS--I'm always curious about how others store all their stuff!

Joanne Travis

Look at that beautiful rainbow of cardstock colors. I love your paper storage. Excellent work Leslie and Laura!

Wendy Hall

Way to go , I am in the same process right now too!!

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