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May 29, 2008


Vicki Hook

Hi there! I've missed a few of your posts - they weren't coming through in my feeds but it's working now thank goodness! Hope you're doing well!

I love this orange/white butterfly card! I was excited to see that TAC is coming out with a similar butterfly set. I just love them!


Love the color!
Great card!


Lovely!!!! This is a great card.


What a beautiful card! Love the bright color. It just pops out!
Glad to hear you made it through your detox. Wow! I should do that too.
I started with some medication early in the year, and unfortunately it has helped me to gain 10 lbs, which I really did not need. Now I'm not exactly sure how to lose them.
All the best in your venture. (Can't believe you are getting up at 5am)


I really like how sharp this card is! Very classy and I don't normally like orange tones - so kudo's to you for making it so wonderful! =)

Lesa Rapp

This is really pretty. I love the clean layout.


Great card - it's so cheerful!


It is a straight forward card but it is so cute...anyone would love to have it! :o) See it even made me put a smiley face in my comment!


This is so fabulous. You just don't see so much orange- and it looks GREAT!


Beautiful card! Congrats on making it through your 10 day detox!

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