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April 25, 2008


Maria Levine

This is amazing! What an awesome set up! How often do you do fairs, is it worth it?


Great job! I hope you did well.


Your display is awesome. I hope you sold a lot of cards. They all look so beautiful.

Susie Walker

Wow - It looks like you were in a new location this year! Yes-Margie and I miss seeing you! I'm just like Margie, I still have all the cards I bought from you in the original clear envelopes!!! They are way too pretty to give away! Great job with all your creations.


As usual you table looks great. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to stop in to see you but as you know I no longer work in that location. My friend has also moved to another office and we were emaiing each other saying we were going to miss seeing you this time. I hope you had great success this time. We just love the cards you make. I still can give away any of the cards I bought from you in the past. They really have to be special before I give them up. I just love them! I still haven't had time to even attempt to make anything. As you mentioned the weather is finally getting nice and I've been spending my time outside finally.

KH (LittleSeaOtter)

Look at you! You go girl! Your display looks incredible. I'm in awe of your mass production. Wow!

Hope you made lots of money and met lots of new customers.


Great pictures of your tables! I hope you made some money! All those cards alone are priceless!

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