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January 25, 2008



I love this card! It is simple but classy and bright and happy! I'm going to case it! Nancy

Lori J

I love the polkadot ribbon with the stripped pp. Great work. :0)


Such a cute card!

Kerry J.

So pretty Laura! I love that card! Mornings are just crazy here too! I'd wear flip flops year round if I could - but it's just too darn cold!


Great card! I giggled at your story...I remember fighting with my mom on clothes too!


This is so cute... love your card. The clothes I fight with are my 6 year old and my 3 year old who want to rn around the house in pj all day.


I am so looking forward to summer and flip flops LOL!
I really like your card! Love the stamp and the colors you used.


No you are not alone. I remember going through that same conversation with my daughter:). Love the card and great idea. I need to go through and see what stamps I haven't used in awhile.


I would dress like Meghan all year if I could too - but I live in the NE so I digress. hehe. Great card Laura. The colors are stunning together.

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