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September 20, 2007


Robin Thompson

How cute! Thanks for sharing the measurements!


This would be perfect for christmas treats too, with a different topper... cute thanks for sharing.

chris robinson

I have done the "nuggets" too but these are just as cute too. The mnore the merrier. If someone more industrious than me comes up with the measurements for the little Hershey bars, I would love that! Chocolate, ya gotta love it! Thanks for the inspiration.


Cute projects... love the colors you used...

Anne Lawrie

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

Tami B.

such a creative wrapping and amazing color coordination with the candy :)

Renee Storch

What a great idea. I would never have thought about that, and thanks for sharing the directions as well!

Granna on the Go

Very cute. These would be great for Christmas treats or favors with the red and green. Thank you for the directions!


These are so cute, I was going to use the Hershey Nuggets but may just have to do the Kit Kats instead. Thanks for the info on how you did them.

Michelle Battistini

This is so great, thanks for doing all the hard work and sharing so we can reap the benefits.


Very cool Laura!


What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the formula. :)


very cute! love this idea thanks for the directions.


fabulous, thank you for sharing this!

Julie Campbell

Wow! What an awesome idea! They look great!

Shannon G

Thanks for posting!

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