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Bridget from Refined Vintage

What a great Family trip. Cruises like that are a wonderful way to travel and see different parts of the USA and the world. Your daughter looks so much like you. The flower pic and sunset pics are amazing. I take too many sunset photos too, I can't help it, too beautiful.


Thanks Deb ~ I think you'll really enjoy this cruise! And I bet you have gorgeous photos from Alaska.

Deb Else

I love cruises and in fact went to Alaska in June. My friends & I are looking into doing a New England/Canada cruise next August/September, so I'm enjoying your photos. Keep them coming!


Thanks Lisa! We have never been to Alaska but hear it is beautiful. My aunt and uncle were there while we were in Nova Scotia - can't wait to hear about their trip.


Thanks! I went a bit overboard on the sunsets so there are more to come!

Lisa B.

Beautiful photos and looks like you had a fun trip. Cruising is one of the best ways to see many places in a short period of time. Try Alaska, if you haven't already - it's amazing!


Looks like you had fun! We took a cruise to Nassau last month and enjoyed delicious food and wonderful service, as well as beautiful sights. I like your sunrise/sunset photos, and the close up of the flower!


Great pictures! Love the sunsets.

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