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As a mom of two kids, I find that life can be both wonderful and frustrating! I use my art of paper crafting as a way to find a balance in my life. My love of paper arts extends back to my days in grad school when I first learned to stamp. Over the years, I have tried new things. Some have stuck and some have evolved into my newest style. Several years ago, Paper Creations by Laura was born. I have always loved creating cards and gifts and now I can do so for my career. I have done numerous craft shows as well as sold my work through custom orders. And now I am tackling the arena of online selling with my Artfire store. I love trying new artistic techniques and finding ways to take that art and mold it into something that others find special.

And now I find that there is so much I want to say besides just my art. You can find all my others musings at my Running With Lollipops blog.


rubber stamping, chatting with friends, reading, scrapbooking, being a mom